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World Communion Cups


World Communion Cups is a Christian owned and operated business. We try our best through the Holy Spirit to always run our business in a manner that is pleasing to our God. The customers that we serve each Sunday are Christians that are attending their local church for inspiration and healing. We provide the Sacraments for the Holy Communion. We consider this a high honor and run our facility and manufacture and distribute our products as such. There are very few places where we are allowed to produce a product that will reach millions of believers each month.

We are in the Kingdom building business. World Communion Cups was started in 1983 by an Indiana inventor named Kenneth Hagen to provide a disposable communion cup for World Communion Day on October 2, 1983. The products were made and distributed all over the world so that Christian’s world-wide could partake of their communion simultaneously. The product was so popular that after it was over, many churches asked if they could continue to get the products. Kenneth started World Communion cups later that year to provide the cups and the business grew through word of mouth.


Upon his passing, the company was run by his daughter and son-in-law D.K. and Carol Vincent. They ran the company until their retirement in 2011.

My wife Donna and I bought the company in April of that year and moved it to  Indianapolis from Shelburn, Indiana, just south of Terre Haute. We had originally purchased the company to provide jobs for persons returning from incarceration. After a number of years, we decided to grow the business and after doing some targeted marketing, we grew dramatically in 2018 and 2019. We were on schedule to double the size of company in 2020 and had just started to invest in new equipment when our country was hit with the Covid-19 virus. What was supposed to be a year of doubling our size turned into a year in which we grew 10 fold. We completely outgrew our building in Brownsburg and ended up expanding into 7,000 square feet of space in Pittsboro in August of 2020. Our


Brownsburg facility is about to become our Corporate headquarters and bakery as we just acquired our baking operation from Sparta, Tennessee.

World Communion Cups is very much like the weather in Indiana, if you don’t like what you see today, just wait, you never know what tomorrow will bring! As you can see we have an interesting story to tell. You might say we are very passionate about our Brand and we hope you can see why. Please enjoy the products we’ve made for you, and may they help your church in fulfilling its mission. Once again, welcome to World Communion Cups!


In His service,

Stephan R. Kovey

Servant Leader